August 29, 2016

Elephant Stone: Ship of Fools

photo: Bowen Stead & Daniel Barkley

Liek their Australian counterparts Tame Impala Canadian psychedelic raga rock trio Elephant Stone have added a bit of dance to their sound on their new full-length Ship of Fools. Band leader Rishi Dhir plays more keyboards, but long time fans don't need to worry; his signature sitar is still at large. They don't shun big themes - Manipulator is a fierce statement about an unnamed dictator, but their lyrics work best with less ambitious themes. Relationships coming to a messy end is a favorite (Silence Can Say So Much, Photograph). And of course psychedelic rock's pet subject outer space comes to the fore as well in Andromeda and Au Gallis.

The dark and brooding The Devil's Shelter, with guest vocalist Alex Maas of Austin, TX, band The Black Angels is the stand-out track, a blend of Indian rhythms, dense electronics and Floydian washes of guitar. The sole clunker is Love Is Like a Spinning Wheel, a sappy ballad that comes close to boy band fodder. Elephant Stone have found their niche, but by incorporating new elements and influences into their sound they keep it fresh and interesting.

Phish 2016 Summer tour SBD + torrents: 2016/08/28 Arrington

LOCKN' Festival
Oak Ridge Farm, Arrington, VA

Set 1:
  1. Sample in a Jar
  2. Martian Monster
  3. Axilla >
  4. The Moma Dance >
  5. Halley's Comet >
  6. AC/DC Bag
  7. Fuck Your Face >
  8. 46 Days
  9. The Line
  10. Limb By Limb >
  11. Possum
  12. First Tube

August 28, 2016

Words about music (415): John Hiatt

The song is the first thing, music, melody and lyrics. It’s always about the song. And I don’t really have a sound in my head about how it should go. The exciting part of recording for me is, Here it is, let’s see what happens, what it sounds like, let’s see how the musicians play it, this gathering at this moment, what kind of music does that make.

John Hiatt

August 27, 2016

Jasmine Rodgers: Blood Red Sun

Folk singer Jasmine Rodgers has the kind of voice that is tailor-made for storytelling songs. Her debut album Blood Red Sun is a showcase of fingerpicking guitar, soft-spoken cello, and double tracking with just a hint of echo. Her forays into alt-country (Between Spaces, Sense) could gain some fans in the Deep South of the States, but as a whole Blood Red Sun has written "Made in the UK" all over it. Follow You and Underwater would have fitted on a Sandy Denny or early Tori Amos album.

Rodgers has a knack for choosing her notes carefully. Timing and phrasing are essential within her genre and she gets an A+ for both, with the gentle solo track While You Were Sleeping as the standout example. Her rock star father and poet mum can be proud. Can somebody wake up the A&R people of a niche label to get her to the next level?

Phish 2016 Summer tour SBD + torrents: 2016/08/26 Arrington

LOCKN' Festival
Oak Ridge Farm, Arrington, VA

Set 1:
  1. Wilson >
  2. Down with Disease
  3. Free
  4. Wolfman's Brother
  5. Tube >
  6. 555 >
  7. It's Ice >
  8. Wingsuit
  9. Simple
  10. Space Oddity