February 22, 2017

The return of Ride: Charm Assault & Home Is A Feeling

photo: Andrew Ogilvy

British shoegaze pioneers Ride return with two new songs, their first fresh material in 20 years. Charm Assault shows their more upbeat and angry side and Home Is Feeling is more vulnerable - the two signature elements of their music. A new album is pencilled in for release in the Summer.

Jacco Gardner: music for F. W. Murnau's "Faust"

Dutch multi-instrumentalist Jacco Gardner has been invited to supply live music at a screening in Paris of the classic silent movie Faust. From his Facebook:

I am very excited to announce that on the 5th of March I'll be doing an improvised performance to soundtrack the incredible masterpiece of "Faust", the movie made in 1926 by F. W. Murnau.

February 21, 2017

Midnight Oil: The Great Circle World Tour, Collection Box sets

Australian rock band Midnight Oil is gearing up for what looks like their big last hurrah. They have announced Te Great Circle World Tour, playing shows in Brasil, North America, Europe, New Zealand and Australia. Their back catalog and a huge pile of rarities - 14 hours of previously unreleased and rare stuff - will be released on vinyl and CD in three limited edition box sets, housed in tanks (a familiar stage prop at their shows).

  • 04/25 Pepsi on Stage, Porto Alegre
  • 04/27 Live, Curtiba
  • 04/29 Espaço das Americas, São Paolo
  • 04/30 Vivo Rio, Rio De Janeiro
  • 05/02 NET Live, Brasilia

HCTF's Guilty Pleasures: George Michael & Elton John - Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me

Watch perform George Michael & Elton John perform Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me, recorded live @ Wembley Arena in London on 25 March 1991. It was released as a single and reached No. 1 in both the UK and US.

February 20, 2017

Redwolves: Walking Roads

photo: Kasper Rebien

Danish quartet Redwolves love the hard rock bands from the Seventies, an era where lead vocalists were measured by their vocal range and stage presence and lead guitarists became soloists in their own right. Drum solos happened and bass players were in charge of the groove. Their Walking Roads EP only hints at their potential - don't be surprised when they stretch the material on stage with dazzling fretwork and call-and-response jamming.

Safe for the token slow song Farewell the songs come tumbling out of the speakers like a pack of souped-up hotrods. These guys mean business and are sure to make the playlists of air guitarists and students of timeless rawk.