December 05, 2016

Cover Me: You Really Got A Hold On Me

Watch Rev. Peyton's Big Damn Band tackle the Smokey Robinson & The Miracles classic You Really Got A Hold On Me.

It was recorded on a phone, backstage in Loogootee, IN. The reverend plays his priceless 1930 National Guitar, an instrument that always sounds great even when captured on crap equipment.

Jethro Tull: crowdfunding campaign for "The String Quartets" album

Ian Anderson has launched a crowfunding campaign on PledgeMusic for his new album The String Quartets, twelve reinventions of Jethro Tull songs interpreted by the Carducci Quartet: Matthew Denton (violin), Michelle Fleming (violin), Eoin Schmidt-Martin (violia) and Emma Denton (cello).

December 04, 2016

Dolcetti: Arriver

Italian prog duo Dolcetti are not just another ensemble wowing their audience with a barrage of notes and smart fills. Gianni Rojattii (guitar) and Erik Tulissioi (drums) have their ears to the ground for what is hot and happening in the mainstream and find a way to incorporete it into their compositions.

The results on their new album Ariver are mixed - dubstep is always a bad idea, but it a nice experiment. Two worlds collided and there are some flowers growing out of the debris that followed. They just need is gardener/musical director to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Jumble Hole Clough: This Salty Armada - music for imaginary puppet shows volume one

This Salty Armada - music for imaginary puppet shows volume one is the second studio album by Colin Robinson's one-man band project Jumble Hole Clough this year. The twenty-five instrumentals that are all over the place - a glimmer of an idea is enough to set him off in his home studio in Hebden Bridge, which is stuffed to the rafters with instruments and noise enhancement things.

Robinson follows just one rule: there are no rules. Everyday events and mishaps are captured in slices of freak-folk like I may have to wash my hands again, off-kilter persuccion meets progr guitar in Warming up the engines of solidarity and rage and the robotic electro-funk of Gentleman's Relish (this salty armada).

December 03, 2016

Johnny Dowd: new song "Mouthhole"

Americana outsider Johnny Dowd has put up a new song on his website: Mouthhole, the result of one of the perks of his crowdfunding campaign for his Execute American Folklore album.

Here’s a brand new Johnny song for you. Johnny wrote and recorded this for The Mouthhole who commissioned the song via his Indiegogo campaign earlier this year. The Mouthhole is a Nashville-based house venue run by Michael Sadler, Zac Caffrey, and Travis Caffrey. It hosts regular parties that feature live music, art, theater, and all things bizarre. It’s home to weirdo rock band The Chewers and electronic monkey man Chop Chop Chang.