March 24, 2017

Wolf Solent: EP//IV

As per usual the release of a new Wolf Solent EP happens in March. Multi-instrumentalist Danny Trew Barton always sounds like he is never in a hurry, handing out his lo-fi shoegaze psychedelica to a growing fan base, who want more of the same, but with a few cherries om top that might catch them off guard. On EP///IV he is part Nick Drake and Bert Jansch on a side, and part Todd Tobias on the other.

Barton is a gentle impressionist, conjuring up imaginary worlds through textures and sound effects. His voice is buried even further in the mix, like he is singing under water. Decent headphones or a good set of speakers are essential to fully appreciate every nook and cranny of Barton's music.

Leslie Mendelson: Love and Murder

photo: Mary Ellen Matthews

Singer and multi-instrumentalist Leslie Mendelson showed some promise on her 2009 debut album Swan Feathers, but she went silent for nearly a decade. Now she is back with Love and Murder, an album with original ballads and a smattering of covers. Sadness has found way in to her vocals. Her friend and producer Joel Dorn died, plus she lost her label and management deal.

The string of bad things happening in her personal life resulted into a darker and far more mature album. She can plead during Murder Me or dream of getting away from it all in Coney Island (with a piano bit that resembles Billy Joel's Goodnight Saigon). Mendelson can safely rely on her voice to carry the tune. Grateful Dead legend Bob Weir noticed that too and he joins her for a cover of Roy Orbinson's Blue Bayou, sticking close to the version that was laid down by Linda Ronstadt.

March 23, 2017

Emporium: Dead In Bed

Ewan McKenzie's psychedelic pop project Emporium is back with a new EP, Dead In Bed. The three storytelling songs are loosely connected by a theme: being afraid of the dark and the nightmares that may come knocking during the night. McKenzie's signature keyboards can be soothing, scary, and deceptively joyous (during Thin Yellow Dogs. He somehow managed to update the fairy tale pop sound of the Sixties with an early Eighties synth gloss.

McKenzie doesn't care about fads or being hip and happening. As a true Scotsman he cuts his own path, a twisting and turning claim to the right of way. Listeners are free to follow his whim or get lost in the process. One thing is for sure: it is interesting trip.

Deleyaman filiming a live DVD @ Le Clos des Fées

photo: Azam Ali

The Deleyaman shows at Le Clos des Fées will be filmed for a future DVD release. The lover, The stars & The citadel, the latest album by the French dark wave duo will get a vinyl release on April 4th thru Sonic Rendezvous.

March 22, 2017

Thurston Moore: new album "Rock n Roll Consciousness", stream "Smoke Of Dreams"

A new Thurston Moore album, Rock n Roll Consciousness, will be released on April 28th. Lead single Smoke Of Dreams is rather subdued and melancholic - a far cry from the noise rock with Sonic Youth.

The album was recorded at the The Church studio's in London, with Deb Googe (My Bloody Valentine, Snowpony) on bass, James Sedwards (Nøught, Chrome Hoof) on guitar and Steve Shelley (Sonic Youth, Crucifucks) on drums.